Innovative technologies to be on display at Tokyo Motor Show

July 04 2019, Bolton Toyota

Innovative technologies to be on display at Tokyo Motor Show

At the Tokyo Motor Show next week, Toyota will be displaying a variety of experimental technologies built for improving safety and learning drivers behaviours.

Makoto Okabe, Toyota Motor Corp. manager said the use of artificial intelligence will let cars know the drivers on a human level by analyzing their facial expressions, driving habits and even their activity on social media platforms.

For example, a drivers' seat might automatically adjust itself if the AI notices the driver is anxious. This would be done using cameras to analyze images on the driver's face.

It might start to jiggle the driver if the AI notices the driver is sleepy. This would be done by noticing common movements such as yawning or scratching their cheeks, etc.

Concept-i-series models from Toyota will be on display at the Tokyo Motor Show. The concept's name is derived from the Japanese word for "love" which is "ai." The idea behind the name is to make the car seem like your friend.

Using cameras to analyze images of drivers' faces, a car can deduce if they are feeling happy or irritated. It might expand and contract a seat to simulate the rhythm of deep breathing to calm a driver who seems jittery, he said.

Toyota is planning to have some of these futuristic technologies in place by the year 2020.