Toyota partners with prominent tech companies to form big data consortium

July 04 2019, Bolton Toyota

Toyota partners with prominent tech companies to form big data consortium

Toyota has taken another major step in its efforts towards autonomous driving. The company has teamed up with many prominent names in the tech industry to develop big data systems in order to advance self-driving cars.

The prominent names include Dense, Ericsson, Intel and NTT Docomo and Toyota plans on adding more relevant technology leaders to its membership (Automotive Edge Computing Consortium) this year.

Connected cars of the future will create a large volume of data which will help the making of real-time mapping, driving assistance and other services come to fruition. The consortium will work together to figure out how to handle this huge volume of data while keeping it secure.

"It is estimated that the data volume between vehicles and the cloud will reach 10 exabytes per month around 2025, approximately 10,000 times larger than the present volume. This expected increase will trigger the need for new architectures of network and computing infrastructure to support distributed resources and topology-aware storage capacity," --- statement made by the Consortium.

This is one of many advances Toyota is making in the autonomous driving space. Other notable steps include a stake in Mazda to advance AI and autonomous tech, connected car partnership with NTT as well as a $100 million fund to invest in startups working on Artificial Intelligence technologies.